“Oh, you take selfies you must be so cool.” – Unknown author

Dedicated to my photography-maniac friends!

Many crib about how taking photographs can turn addictive but look at the brighter side – how it could help you become better.

Of late, I have been trying my hand at photography, specifically taking selfies. I’m terrible at it – trembling hand and off the cam look, everything goes wrong. I’m so bad at it that my friends are all over making fun of me. To that, I reply – ‘I will start a Facebook photography page (you know, we all own one now.)’. Still, I don’t give up. This suggests how much spare hours I have that I’m investing in such a trivial  activity.

Now the elder sister of the selfie is the groupie. This is even tougher. So, here is how it works – you along with your group are given a teeny-weeny space and now you need to fit in one of your body parts (preferably your face) within it. This is tricky and tough – but ultimately you realize how flexible you are. Some bend forward while others backward, some goes down while others balances on their big toes, and there are some who just give up and shows a hand. Now, you know there are all kinds of flexible people. And good job, I’m flexible too.

Let’s not forget the mother of all photographs – the ‘say cheese’ type classic photographs. Even this old thing has evolved a lot. People crack their heads for their creativity to pop out of the heads to get that perfect shot. From climbing, jumping, running, flying to all other verbs that you could possibly imagine. So, I know I’m physically fit.Oh wait, am I really? Well, at least I can fake it. This takes a while to perfect – hold your breath, tuck in your tummy and manage to give a smile. Next time, you are taking a photograph call out “Tuck Your Tummy” instead of “Say Cheese”. Now that I have perfected this skill, aren’t I a multitasker? Of course, this also motivates me to spend an extra 20 minutes at the gym.

The last positive thing that I learned from photography is the survival skill in photography – editing. I mostly use the multitude of automatic options available in an editing tool. Also, thanks to the beautification feature in smartphone cameras, my speckles are rightly removed.

The next time someone complains (just the way I used to do) about you taking too many photographs, you are ready to give a speech. Hey, so one more positive thing added to the list- preparedness.

Postfully Yours


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