An Attempt at Impromptu Writing

My impromptu to today’s daily prompt – Elicit

Being very new to blogging, the concept of a daily prompt is very refreshing. It provides a blogger the space to write whatever comes to mind. You can even scribble your train of thoughts. You don’t have to prove a point, help someone, or give some suggestion. If lucky, you can come to a conclusion.

The first thing I did when I read today’s one-word prompt – Elicit in the section Daily Prompt from the blog The Daily Post was to google the word for its meaning. I knew the meaning, of course. But this has become a habit. Being a Technical Writer in a software development organization, I’m expected to be a master in the English language. This constant pressure has made me extremely careful of what I speak and write. Thanks to online dictionaries, it becomes easier to find the meaning of a word. But, do I miss the hard copy of an Oxford English Dictionary? Yes, I do!

My professors at the university said that Oxford English Dictionary was part of their curriculum. They had to mandatorily learn words, its meanings, usage, synonyms, and antonyms. When I was in the university, this was taken off the curriculum. It later became a personal choice. I have tried to do ‘A word a day’ thing but it did not get past the first two days. But isn’t it great to learn a word a day? Reading does help to learn new words, but not all of us read every day. The least we can do is to spend five minutes a day to learn a new word.

Will I do it? I’d rather undergo an alpha test, instead of an unkept promise.



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